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5 Ways To Revive Your Commercial Facility This Spring

With warmer days finally upon us, the New England area is starting to feel like Spring! The new season brings a rush to reorganize and revitalize your life. Maybe you’re using the popular Konmari method to declutter smaller areas of your commercial facility like offices and storage, but what about bigger areas that need attention? There are many ways to revive your commercial facility this spring.

Here are New England Cleaning Services, Inc.’s top 5 recommendations to freshen up your facility:

1. Refinish your VCT: Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) is a popular choice of flooring in many commercial facilities like hospitals, schools, and offices. The wax coating that gives it its shiny appearance can wear down over time, increasing the risk for damage to the tiles. A professional VCT refinishing ensures that your dull, damaged floors can look clean and shiny again.

2. Powerwash: A powerful clean of your sidewalks and parking lot will leave your facility with a better curb appeal for visitors and workers. Removing the accumulation of dirt, grime, and pollutants through professional pressure washing will create a brighter, safer, and aesthetically-appealing entryway.

3. Clean solar panels: Are your solar panels dirty from the winter season? Or maybe pollen has started to coat them, along with dirt and debris from the surrounding environment. Getting a professional clean of your solar panels will not only improve their appearance but also their effectiveness in harnessing energy during the coming seasons.

4. Wash the windows: Unclean windows can often prevent natural light from coming through and make spaces feel small and dark. Brighten the indoors by getting the exterior of your windows sparkling clean by experienced cleaning professionals.

5. Deep clean the carpets: It’s easy to forget how much dirt, pollutants, and debris can build up in your carpeted floors. With allergy season upon us, getting rid of potential hidden triggers should be a priority. Getting a deep clean of your carpets will instantly transform your space and leave your facility cleaner and healthier!

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New England Cleaning Services, Inc. provides a wide variety of project services in addition to our commercial cleaning and laboratory cleaning services in order to best serve our eastern Massachusetts clients. We take pride in our long-lasting client relationships and have certifications through the Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE) to ensure that our highly-trained cleaning professionals provide excellent and reliable services. Contact our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000 to get your spring cleaning started!


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