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Shiny Concrete Is The Best Concrete

At NECS, we love shiny things. When a customer asks what we recommend, it is hard for us to say anything besides shiny; if you cant see the reflection of the light fixtures at the end of the job, we want to keep working.

Good thing this customer also likes shiny things. We removed the VCT floors, ground down the floor and started a multi-step polishing process. The VCT left a little ghosting, it makes a good story for the customer to tell his friends when he shows off his new floor!

Polished concrete is not more slippery than a matte floor. Polished concrete maintains ADA compliance to slip resistance. As long as the floor is clean, the floor will not be slippery. As for cleanability, a polished concrete floor will sweep up and clean up great, that is good for this customer, he will be using this floor for his wood shop. The floor might be so easy to clean, the 5 minute shuffle might only take 4 minutes...


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