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Attention to Detail Commercial Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

This is the most basic element of any cleaning. Clean, polished floors usually indicate a clean facility.

Dusting Services
Dust is eye level dirt, this needs constant attention to detail.


Restroom Cleaning
Restrooms can be the greatest contaminate in a facility, proper cleaning and disinfection is essential.

Floor Burnishing

A polished, stuff free floor can bring out the beauty in a facility.

Window Washing

Windows and glass partitions are everywhere. Clean glass brings in more natural light.

Vent Cleaning

This is the air we breathe, we like to see clean, dust-free air ducts.

Light Cleaning

Debris and dead bugs in a light can build up, they should be monitored and cleaned as needed.

NECS Quality Control Team Constantly ensures the top quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Emergency Response Team is on-call 24/7 and certified in water damage restoration as well as certifications for facility related damage.

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