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Concrete Polishing Process

The first step in the concrete refinishing process is to examine the floor for defects as well as obstacles, remove them and clean the floor. A clean surface will aid in the grinding process and ensure no unnecessary scratches are creating during the refinishing process due to remaining dirt or sand.

Once grinding starts, the first layer or concrete is removed using propane powered concrete grinders and metal bond diamond disks. Grinding the concrete removes the top layer of concrete which is the weakest. After this process, harder denser concrete is exposed as well as aggregate. Grinding the concrete also removes the unevenness throughout the floor. Grinding the concrete is an essential building block to creating a highly polished concrete floor. Proper preparation of the floor is essential to the creation of a beautiful polished concrete floor!

The floor is first ground down using low grit diamonds disks; removing large amounts of concrete with each pass. As the process progresses, higher grit disks are used.

After four sets of metal bond diamond disks and four (4) passes with the floor grinder, the floor is re-cleaned to prepare for repairs, staining, logos and densifying.


Areas where concrete has been drilled, broken, chipped or sawcut will be cleaned and repaired with either a crack mender that hardens similar to concrete, or a joint filler product that will continue to allow the concrete slab to shift but create a smooth surface.

In the staining process, a translucent acetone or solvent based stain is applied. Available colors are seen below in the color palate. Depending on the color and desired shade, the concrete will be treated once or twice with a dye, excess stain being removed between each application.


At this point, the floor is also densified. Densifying the floor hardens the concrete; the product used closes the pores of the concrete, increasing surface density. Densifying the floor will reduce dusting of the floor as well as wear in high traffic areas.

Once the floor is stained and densified, the polishing of the concrete begins. A five (5) step process of polishing the concrete consists of using progressively higher diamond disks to create a high gloss floor. The level of gloss can be chosen by the customer depending on their desired look. The higher grit that is used, the higher gloss the floor will have.

When the concrete has the desired level of gloss, a protective sealer is applied to prevent against staining.

After the sealer is applies, the floor is burnished with a high powered buffer, using diamond encrusted pads to achieve a smooth, glossy floor.

Creating a polished concrete is labor intensive with many steps. Qualified professionals understand there are no shortcuts for a polished concrete floor. Shortcuts will end up compromising the quality of the product, as well as vastly reducing the life of the floor. 

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