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2020 NECS, Inc.

Polished Concrete

Concrete is a popular flooring option for commercial and industrial applications. Polished concrete is durable, long-lasting, beautiful and environmentally friendly. Polished concrete is inexpensive to maintain and continues to look beautiful for many years with proper maintenance.‚Äč New England Cleaning is the choice concrete grinding and polishing contractor for the best and highest quality building contractors in New England. 

NECS polishes concrete the correct way, using large, electric and propane powered diamond tipped equipment, we achieve a high shine through mechanical polishing, without the use of coatings. 

NECS has been polishing concrete throughout the New England Area for years, understanding the needs of our customers and their floors. We have extensive experience in transforming old floors, polishing new floors and surface preparation, removing many years of coatings. NECS knows how to transform an old floor into a naturally beautiful, environmentally friendly floor.

Polished concrete is also one of the most durable floors. Whether you have heavy foot traffic, automotive traffic or forklifts operating in your space, a polished concrete floor will perform to your expectations and still look beautiful.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a popular choice and can change the look of the concrete. Company logos or emblems can also be stained into the concrete using templates as well as acetone based stains. These logos are stained into the concrete and will exist for the entire life of the floor.

Project Gallery

(New Projects on Bottom, Click pictures to read descriptions!) 

Industrial Hallway, Nashua 

As part of a larger project, we continued through-out this building. We started polishing portions of this building 4 years ago and the customer has recognized the value of a durable, amazing looking floor. Part of this job included a large amount of flooring removal (which we do perform!), epoxy and mastic removal; our powerful equipment tears through all this, transforming an old, tired hallway into a showpiece in one weekend!

Acupuncture Center, Watertown

Although it was a small area, we are always happy to make a customer happy, plus, Watertown has some amazing pizza!

Office Space, Waltham

A high end construction firm wanted a new, modern looking floor to show their customers when they enter their headquarters. Transforming an old, industrial floor into a showpiece, is a great way to showcase your talents and professional capabilities. 

Office Space, Gloucester

The customer wanted a high shine on this floor, so we pulled out all the stops, using some new and amazing technology that makes the floor look like a mirror!

Future Office, Cambridge

An old machine shop had to be repurposed to make room for a growing office staff. This floor was ground down to get a nice smooth level surface, removing all of the top oil and paint spills that had happened over the years. There were numerous holes and other areas of damage that were sealed up, using a product harder than the concrete itself. After that, it was business as usual, bringing the floor to a 800 grit finish, ending it with a few coats of rock-solid seal coat and a very high speed burnish; another happy repeat customer. 

Indoor Grow Facility, Worcester

This floor was a bit of a different project; the customer was on a budget and their needs were different. They were looking at a cleanable floor that could withstand water damage, be cleanable and durable for equipment to be dragged on top of it. The floor had a lot of damage and was heavily soiled with oil and other solvents. We ground down the floor using our large electric and propane powered grinders then applied concrete sealer in stages. 

Coffee Shop, Worcester