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About Us:

NECS is a local, family-owned and operated, non-franchise company since 1977 with extensive experience in the commercial cleaning industry. We are ready to serve all locations in the eastern Massachusetts area. We do not contract out our labor, which means greater accountability and quality control for our clients. We offer 24/7 support.

The Principals of NECS, Inc. maintain a stringent CBSE certification, a certification that requires great knowledge of chemical composition, personnel management, financial management and cleaning practices. We are also certified in Carpet Cleaning, Resilient Floor Care, Water Damage Restoration and Odor Control. By passing examinations and standards setforth by CBSE, NECS has exhibited the knowledge and ethical fitness for holding an executive position in the service contracting industry.

Our Location

Our operations and managment team is located at 76 Felton St, Waltham, MA, in a modern one-story, 8,500 square-foot facility. The facility contains our Administrative and Executive Offices, a Training facility, a 3,500 square-foot, fully-stocked Warehouse, an Equipment Service Center with Commercial Laundry services. 

Our Promise
We promise to provide the highest level of cleanliness to customers who have the highest expectations. Our customers desire to maintain the highest level of appearance as well as functionality within their facilities is our goal every day. Within a field that relies heavily on labor, we understand that mistakes will be made; our goal is to learn from these mistakes and correct the cleaning program so that the mistake does not happen again. Our guarantee to respond to our customers’ requests is the quickest and most effective within the industry.

In the event that one of our customers discovers a problem with our service, we immediately dispatch an Area Manager to correct the problem and make the necessary correction to remedy the situation. We work hand in hand with our customers to develop the most effective cleaning program in an effort to make the facility as clean as possible.



Region Map

We are service the areas within 75 miles surrounding the Boston area. 

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