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NECS had developed carpet cleaning programs that maintain the appearance of commercial carpets, as well as promoting the health of the building, as carpets can be the most effective way to keep a facility running at full speed. 

Our team is training in the most advanced techniques that separate us from the competition. Our carpet maintenance and appearance programs will provide continually clean carpets and reduce the need for replacement. As part of our Carpet and Rug Institute as well as the BSCAI allow us to stay on the cutting edge of cleaning technology and education. Our highly trained team understands the needs of each type of carpet and each facility, being able to provide the best care of your carpet flooring. 

Our technicians is also training in carpet restoration, including cleaning after flooding and heavy soiling. Whether the carpet has been neglected for years and needs heavy restorative cleaning, or carpet has been exposed to flooding, our team knows how to produce a clean carpet and a satisfied customer. 

Contact us today to set up a carpet cleaning program that keeps maintenance costs and replacement costs low, while keeping your facility as progressional and healthy as possible. 

surface cleaing carpet

Using only the most advanced technology and green chemicals, our team cleans more effectively than traditional techniques. 

Advanced equipment minimize drying time, allowing foot traffic within hours.

Proper carpet maintenance improves overall building health, promoting occupant health and productivity within your facility. 

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