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When to Hire Concrete Refinishing Help For Your Commercial Business

What causes damaged concrete?

The condition of the concrete flooring of your commercial facility is an important aspect of maintaining a business. One of the first signs of wear and tear that often appears on concrete flooring is cracking or flaking, which can be unattractive and unsafe. If you have damaged floors and suspect any of the following, contact our concrete refinishing team at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. to get your floors repaired and looking new!

Concrete has changed size – Has your concrete shifted in size? Does it look like it may have shrunk from when it was first installed? You add water to create concrete, so if the composition and mixing are off, shrinking and other unwanted imperfections can result over time.

Trauma to the concrete – Anything heavy that is dropped onto concrete floors has the potential to cause cracks, dents, flaking, and other damage. Common causes are the large machinery and tools often used in commercial facilities. Fortunately, these damages are usually on the surface and can be repaired easily.

Damaged foundation – If you notice any rust-colored liquid coming out of the cracks of the concrete, it could indicate a problem with the foundation of your floors. If the steel foundation is rusted and brittle, it is best to replace it and pour new concrete.

Movement in the subgrade soil – If the soil shifts underneath the concrete, whether it is from not properly compacting the soil before building, or from water that affects the soil composition, the concrete on top of it can crack.

A cracked concrete floor can lead to potentially bigger problems if ignored, so get your floors repaired with the help of concrete refinishing experts! Get the best of both worlds of cleaning and refinishing your floors by contacting New England Cleaning Services, Inc. Our concrete refinishing services span across the entire New England area, including Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Contact us for a free quote today at our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000!


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