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What To Do For Commercial Fire Damage

It’s a situation no business owner or manager wants to experience: a fire, which usually leaves a disastrous mess with charred, black, smokey areas, and even water damage. This type of disruption can hinder your business in a significant way, so it is even more important to act quickly and call for help as soon as possible. There are many moving pieces when it comes to coordinating the cleanup and renovation of a fire-damaged space, so it can be helpful to know ahead of time what the most efficient process is. Fortunately, New England Cleaning Services, Inc. (NECS) is right by your side to help you get through these challenges!

Emergency response: A fire doesn’t care about what time it is, so whether it’s during office hours or in the middle of the night, you better have a fast-acting emergency contact for those inopportune times. We at NECS understand that an emergency means that you need help right away, so we provide 24/7 client support and get our staff prepared.

Assessment: Running into a fire-damaged building is a huge risk and can lead to serious consequences, so before we act, we must assess the damage and needs for restoration and cleaning. Areas to consider are: how far the soot, smoke, and fire traveled and the state of the furniture, walls, and ground.

Sealing: Once the assessment is completed and a plan has been created to get your business back up and running as soon as possible, we will start to seal areas that have been affected by the fire and smoke. The goal is to prevent further damage and address major issues like water leaks and holes.

Water damage: When there is a fire, usually it is accompanied by dowsing with water, which can create its own mess. Luckily, we are available to also fight water damage with our high-tech equipment to ensure that all wet areas are thoroughly dried to prevent mold growth. Pumps will carry out excess water, infrared cameras will identify problem areas to address, and large dehumidifiers will aid in the drying process.

Odor and smoke removal: Aside from the obvious damage from fire and water is the smell and smoke that can linger unless action is taken. Specialized equipment like air scrubbers and foggers help us remove unwanted odors and smoke to recreate a safe and healthy indoor air quality.

Cleaning and sanitizing: Before this process, larger, unusable items must be removed but salvageable ones must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being placed back into the area.

No one wants to be notified of an emergency and not have a clear idea of what to do. So if you’re a commercial facility in the eastern Massachusetts area, be sure to get in contact with us at our office in Waltham, MA at (781) 890-2000 to be prepared. We offer a unique combination of emergency services as well as general cleanings and project services, so there’s no need to waste time looking for individual services! Please reach out to New England Cleaning Services, Inc. for questions or a free quote today!


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