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Tips for When a Water Pipe Bursts

Cold and wet weather can prove to be challenging for commercial facilities, especially when temperatures hover around freezing. It’s easy to notice the salty residue and debris that gets tracked into buildings, but what’s often overlooked is the dangers of freezing temperatures on water pipes that are hidden behind floors and walls. A single burst pipe can cause significant damage (⅛ inch crack can result in up to 250 gallons leaking/day), so rapid response is the key to minimizing the catastrophe. For large commercial facilities like executive office spaces and medical facilities that can house thousands of pipes, it is important to be prepared for action for these emergency situations.

Here are some tips to deal with a pipe burst in your facility:

-Turn the main water supply off

-Turn off electrical power especially in areas where water is leaking out of ceilings or walls

-Contact New England Cleaning Services, Inc. to help with flood cleanup and restoration

-Open up doors and windows to allow dry air into the wet areas

-New England Cleaning Services, Inc. has 24/7 client support precisely for these types of unpredictable emergencies. When it comes to water damage, time is of the essence to prevent water from seeping into surfaces and insulation, as well as to ward off mold growth. Specially trained professionals with high tech equipment will get to work quickly to remove water, dry surfaces, protect from mold, and handle any contaminated water safely. Technologies like thermal imaging cameras, turbo dryers and humidifiers allow for the cleaning crew to work accurately and efficiently, ensuring that no water damage goes unnoticed.

Burst water pipes are costly and disruptive to your facility, so working to prevent them in the first place is important:

-Be prepared. Know where shut off valves are, have emergency contacts readily accessible.

-Let water drip from faucets and other sources when experiencing freezing temperatures.

-Inspect water pipes to ensure they are properly insulated, especially those that run outdoors or in drafty areas.

-Inspect pipes for cracks or weakness and repair as soon as possible.

-Contact New England Cleaning Services, Inc. for questions, concerns, or a free quote.

The cold, winter weather is not yet over for us in the Massachusetts area. Be diligent in preparing your commercial facility and contact our office in Waltham, MA at (781)890-2000. Whether you need help removing snow, cleaning your carpets, maintaining your concrete floors or cleaning your facility, we are prepared! We provide services around the following areas: greater Boston area, Metro West Boston, South Shore, North Shore, and Watertown.


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