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The Importance of Winter Floor Care

The appearance of your facility at first glance immediately sends a message to people arriving. Creating good impressions in the midst of a New England winter makes it even that much harder. People track in mud, water, icemelt and other debris throughout offices, slowly causing corrosion and damage to carpet and flooring; as days go on problems slowly get worse.  Having your facility not looking its absolute best because of these elements does not illustrate to both employees and customers that actions are being taken to provide a clean and productive atmosphere.6

During the winter season NECS provides selected services to keep and maintain customers office spaces pristine all year round despite what may be going on outside. Beginning from the exterior of your facility NECS provides extra cleaning with an acidic neutralizer to remove the calcium carbonate, the remnants of ice melt which, is essential to preserving floors quality. The entrances to your facility is the main focus of keeping a clean office space, as this is where soils, sand and debris enter and begin the journey through your office. Effective matting systems keep as much as 80 percent of moisture and soil from entering a facility. At least 15 feet of premium heavy duty matting should be installed at all building entrances for maximum effectiveness. NECS is able to provide customers premium custom matting options with the most practical designs for removing dirt and water, which can also be fitted with any company design or logo.

No matter the amount of cleaning you do outside and at entrances, additional soils will still find their way into your facility; increasing your carpet and floor cleaning frequency is necessary to remove additional contaminants that find their way in. Carpet care experts agree that cleaning carpets only when they appear to be dirty is too late. Carpets can hide soiling, hidden soils and harsh chemicals from ice melt, which can act as abrasives; resulting in premature wear, loss of carpet fiber, and loss of color. Especially in high traffic areas. Additionally during these wet months, there is a greater possibility that mold, mildew, and bacterial growth can develop in carpets. High traffic hard surface flooring also needs special attention in the winter months. Preserving the veneer and overall appearance of your floors requires at least daily cleaning with specialized chemicals to break down and remove harmful fragments that are tracked into your facility. Taking these steps in floor care maintenance is the only way to decrease damage to your floors. Additionally, daily floor care preservation reduces the frequency of having to replace or repair hard flooring of damaged areas which could be very costly.

All facilities should have an active winter cleaning and maintenance plan in place during these winter months to combat against the elements. Taking a proactive approach to maintain a clean office, will not only extend the life of flooring materials, it will also prevent added costs of replacement. Furthermore creating a space that shows employees their employer is working to provide them the best possible work environment. Facility and office managers understand the importance of having a clean space. They know that keeping these conditions within their facility promotes a thriving, productive, happy workforce.


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