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The Importance Of A Clean Work Environment For Mental Health

Did you know that one in four people will experience a mental health issue every year? May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we would like to take this opportunity to address the important issue of mental health in the workplace. Living with a mental health issue can be challenging, isolating, and can greatly affect the productivity of your work. It is also reported that over 80% of workers in the U.S. feel that there is something that makes their job stressful. It is therefore vital for business managers to make sure they are providing the best possible working environment for all of their workers.

While it takes much more than a positive, clean work environment to support an employee with a mental health disease like depression or anxiety, we know that there are many ways it can help a worker’s mental health, productivity, and mood.

  1. An organized environment can reduce stress by removing clutter, being more efficient, and staying on top of tasks.

  2. A clean environment can improve health issues. It’s not uncommon for physical health to have an impact on mental health. By removing allergens and other debris and contaminants from surfaces and the work environment, workers can feel physically better, and be in a healthier state to take care of themselves.

  3. A clean environment can boost productivity by removing distractions and allowing workers to be more focused on their tasks.

  4. A clean environment can boost morale and motivation. When you look at a cluttered space or a clean, bright, organized space, it’s no surprise the difference in your overall mood. When you maintain clean working areas for your workers, it can lead to better workplace morale and more productive work.

Hire the best professionals

A hygienic work environment is important for reducing stress as well as maintaining a healthy work environment and a positive image for your commercial business. The easiest, stress-free way to accomplish this is by hiring a certified commercial cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. Based in Waltham, MA, we have been delivering high-quality commercial cleaning services for over 40 years and continue to stay at the top of the industry. From routine cleanings and emergency restorations to project services, we are here for all of your cleaning needs. Take the stress out of managing a clean work environment so that you can focus your energy on the well-being of your workers.

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