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Professional Help for Grout & Tile Cleaning

When you envision tiles in a commercial facility, you imagine clean, glossy tiles with white grout, right? Unfortunately, despite the fact that tiles can enhance the aesthetics of a room, tiles and grout can quickly become dull and dingy without professional cleaning help. Grout is the porous cement mixture that is poured between tile pieces to help secure them to the base. Because of its permeable nature, dirt, debris, moisture, and grime can get stuck in the grout and be stubborn to leave. Mold can grow easily and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Imagine how laborious it would be to have to bend down to scrub all of the tiles and grout in one bathroom by hand. Now multiply that by the number of bathrooms in an executive office, medical facility or laboratory. No wonder hiring a certified cleaning company is the obvious and easy answer!

So how can cleaning professionals help?

-Professionals have a trained eye – A person attempting grout cleaning for the first time is not going to be able to deliver the same results as someone who has been properly trained and has years of experience identifying problem areas quickly.

-Advanced technologies and equipment allow professionals to maintain and clean flooring in the most efficient way and without creating unsafe messes for workers.

-Professionals can recommend proper maintenance in between cleanings that can help extend the longevity of your flooring. Re-sealing the grout is an important step in preventing moisture and stain buildup.

-A cleaning company can help save you valuable time and money. Having to rent and store cleaning equipment for your facility is a costly expense, let alone having to take time away from employee productivity. Professionals know how to do their job quickly and without disrupting your facility.

If you’ve been dreading and putting off tile and grout cleaning at your executive office, medical facility, or industrial building, let the cleaning pros at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. lift that burden. A family-operated company with 40 years of cleaning experience, New England Cleaning Services, Inc. provides services all across the eastern Massachusetts area (Woburn, greater Boston area, Metrowest, North Shore, South Shore) for a variety of commercial facilities. Our 24/7 client support is always ready for emergencies as well. Contact our Waltham, MA office today at (781)890-2000for a free quote!


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