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Prevention & Planning : The Key Having a Healthy Fall

It has been an interesting past year for the world with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as we thought we were out of the woods, regaining our old lives back by going about our daily normal routines, another variant has appeared as employees would be starting to refill their offices this fall. One of the biggest lessons that we have learned this past year is that having a plan already in place if something was to happen within an office is critical; this is where the team at NECS thrives in providing their customers with the most effective up to date technology contingency planning services available to help stop spread of viruses and disease.

NECS specialized teams truly thrive in showing customers the highest quality of work and attention to detail in which they are receiving from routine daily general cleanings to disinfection services. If an outbreak was to occur, ensuring that an entire office does not have to shut down for a long period of time is now one of the biggest concerns facing employers. Working closely with our customers to provide individualized disinfection programs, NECS provides essential planning services that will effectively disinfect all high and low touch areas, which are the most common places for germ and bacteria transmission. In addition to traditional methods of disinfecting, such as cleaning and wiping high touch areas such as door handles, copy machines, coffee makers, tables and desks, etc. NECS provides individualized electrostatic spraying services. Using disinfectant chemicals such as Clorox has been proven to give your facility a greater chance of fighting back at the virus. Electrostatic spraying gently coats all surfaces in a uniform application of disinfectant which allows the surface to stay wet for approximately five minutes. This is the time needed for any disinfectant to effectively kill almost all viruses on the surface. NECS has expanded many of our schedules to include daytime cleaning in addition to the evening services that we typically provide to ensure that our customer's facilities have a greater chance of maintaining a healthy space by disinfecting more often, reducing the opportunity for any virus to spread. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, NECS has been on the frontlines continually developing new guidelines, processes and procedures to maintain and prevent keeping our customers and their employees safe. If you are looking to align your facilities cleaning and disinfection prevention services with the most up-to-date procedure guidelines to prevent any misfortunes and begin a new phase of maintaining a healthy space, call NECS for a quote.


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