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Pathogens. The Invisible Threat Lurking In Your Commercial Facility

Now that we are past Halloween and heading into the festive holiday season, you may think that all things scary are in the past, but the truth is, no matter the season there are invisible threats lurking in and around your commercial facilities.

So what exactly are these threats?


Pathogens include disease-causing bacteria, viruses, or any other microorganism. While diseases may not be an everyday occurrence for most people, these pathogens can be found all around us, and they have the potential to lead to serious consequences.

What kind of pathogens are there?

The most common ones are bacteria and viruses. While many do not cause life-threatening or serious diseases, there are some that are definitely ones that you don't want hanging around your facility like Clostridium difficile and Salmonella, which can cause severe inflammation and issues in the gut, and MRSA, which is a stubborn antibiotic-resistant bacteria. While bacteria can often be treated with antibiotic medications, viruses like influenzae, norovirus, and rotavirus can be challenging because antibiotics will not work to eradicate them. Preventing and minimizing the spread of these diseases should always be a priority, no matter what kind of facility you have.

What kind of facilities are vulnerable?

Commercial businesses in general are at high-risk for the spread of pathogens because of the high volume of people who work and visit the facilities.

Healthcare facilities: While medical offices and hospitals are typically where we go to get treated for diseases and other medical conditions, the prevalence of sick people is precisely why it is also particularly vulnerable. Having stringent disinfection protocols and proper cleaning is imperative to prevent disease outbreaks in healthcare facilities.

Commercial kitchen: One common way for people to get sick is from food contamination, so commercial kitchens are held at high safety standards to prevent the spread of food-borne related infections.

Educational institutions: Whether it's a daycare or a university campus, educational facilities are prone to disease outbreaks because of high traffic and so many shared areas.

Take preventative action to protect your facility!

The fall and winter season is an important time to ramp up your commercial cleaning so you can protect your commercial business from these silent hazards. Ensuring that your facility not only has a high-quality commercial cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. to perform regular cleanings and disinfections, but also has stringent protocols about personal hygiene and taking appropriate sick leave are all important ways to keep pathogens at bay and everyone healthy! Contact our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000 to set up your cleanings or to get a free quote today!


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