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New Era VCT Refinishing

We recently were awarded a contract from a company that produces high end medical diagnostic equipment. They brought us in because they had such stringent controlled environment restrictions, they could not allow floor stripper or any type of traditional detergent into the laboratory.

Although this is something I have never seen before, cleaning technology has become so advanced that this was a problem easily solved. Using new equipment that is 20x more efficient and productive than traditional swing machines, as well as using cleaning solutions that produce synergy with the equipment, instead of breaking up the floor wax with chemicals, we were able to successfully refinish these floors.

ESD as well as bacterial testing was completed shortly after the job was finished and all passed with flying colors! Now this laboratory will have floors they can keep looking as immaculate as the product that produce.

Find out how NECS can solve your cleaning and maintenance problem!

New technology is an investment that pays!


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