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Need Good Tidy-ings This Holiday Season? Get Commercial Cleaning Help!

It’s that time of year in the New England area where there's an abundance of holiday music, Christmas trees, lights, and Santas wherever you go. The holiday season is prime time for commercial facilities to have holiday parties and final meetings before many leave for vacation, which can leave your offices and businesses a bit cluttered and disorganized. It is also the best time to get some commercial cleaning help from your trusted professionals, and we have a few wise tidying tips for your commercial business:

Take advantage of the break – For many businesses, the holiday break is the perfect time to tackle bigger projects because of the decrease in building occupants. Use the break for deep cleaning your floors and surfaces, removing stains from your carpets or refinishing your concrete floors.

Beware of decorations – Christmas decorations can be so much fun to see come to life, but many can leave big messes. Pick decor that is easy to put up and take down and won’t be shedding glitter, tinsel or pine needles everywhere. Practice safety when putting lights up and decorations up, and make sure there are no fire hazards!

Keep food in a designated area – Office holiday parties mean sharing lots of delicious foods and baked goods. While the abundance of holiday cookies may get you excited (and very sugar high!), they can also leave sweet, sticky messes that can stain furniture and be tough to remove. Designate one area where food is allowed, and you can minimize the potential of spills, crumbs, and stains all over your facility. If you have a lot of finger foods, remind your workers to wash hands vigilantly to avoid the spread of sickness!

Get a party venue – One easy way to greatly reduce the risk of the messy aftermath of holiday parties is to plan the party somewhere else! Having a separate party venue can help take away the stress and worry of cleaning up after messes, and lets you focus on enjoying the party.

Plan extra cleanings – The holidays can be a busy time for many businesses as they rush toward the holiday break and end of the year. Getting professional cleaning help from certified commercial cleaning companies like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. can keep your facility looking clean for visitors and protect your workers from sickness.

We can help you stay on task!

Give yourself the ultimate gift of a clean, safe, and stress-free facility this holiday season! New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is here to help! Whether you want to increase cleanings during the busy season, tackle project services or have an emergency that needs tending to, we provide excellence and professionalism to deliver high-quality results for Massachusetts area commercial businesses. Contact our Waltham, MA office today at (781) 890-2000 for a free quote today!


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