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Maintaining Quality Services

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

I often hear from facility managers, 'why should we hire you, every cleaning company does a great job at the beginning, then services fall off. How are you different?'

Its a valid point, many cleaning companies will put in the work at the front end, but then as time goes on and supervisors become complacent and service workers think no one cares about the job anymore. This is when customers start to see a drop off in service.

How is NECS different? We understand that it's not a problem with the service worker performing the work, its a problem with management. Steady dedication, understanding of customers needs and constant quality control checks are the fundamental elements of a good cleaning program.

Along with visits from an area supervisor, your facility is visited by myself on a monthly basis to ensure quality standards are being met. Our goal is to make your job as a facility manager easier and eliminate reoccurring cleaning complaints. We try and see then correct the problem internally before any issues with the customer arise.

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