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Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Satisfying Your Business Needs?

The end of the year is almost here! It is a time when businesses are looking towards the new year and creating new goals to improve their productivity and success. Maybe it has been awhile since you have taken a close look at your current commercial cleaning company. Maybe the results have changed over time and you have some doubts? As you are gearing up for 2020, ask yourself these questions to reassess your cleaning needs and your commercial cleaning company.

Is your commercial cleaning company fulfilling your cleaning needs?

As your business grows, so do your cleaning needs. What your facility needed when you first hired the cleaning company may now look very different. For example, do you need more frequent disinfection for your facility? Do you want access to a variety of project services or emergency restoration services?

Does your commercial cleaning company deliver consistent results?

Consistency in the results is an important aspect of providing any type of service, especially those that affect the health of workers. Not maintaining a high standard of cleanliness can translate to decreased worker productivity, and therefore affect the financial success of your business. If you've been noticing inconsistencies, whether it's in the cleaning results or in scheduling and executing projects, it may be time for a switch to a more reliable company.

How is the quality of the supplies and equipment they are using?

The quality of the cleaning products and the tools a commercial cleaning company uses has a big impact on the cleaning efficiency and quality of the results. You wouldn't expect a broom to deliver the same results as a HEPA filter vacuum, right? Having a cleaning company that keeps up with advanced technologies that are environmentally-conscious and highly efficient to improve their quality of cleaning is a good sign that they are investing their resources in the right areas.

How is the quality of the staff?

It's easy to focus on the cleaning itself, but the people you interact with to get the job done is also important to evaluate. Any working professional should reflect the qualities the company claims to value, so it's important to think about the quality of the interactions you have had with company staff. Are they professional? Are they well-trained? Are they courteous and respectful? How do they respond to problems? These are important things to consider when you are reassessing your current company.

Is it time to make the switch?

The realization that it's time to make a switch is a positive step for your commercial business. At New England Cleaning Services, Inc., we are always reassessing and improving our cleaning practices to provide the best services for our clients in the Massachusetts area. Whether you need superior disinfection services for your medical facility or need high-quality results for routine cleanings, concrete refinishing or other project services, we are here to help you elevate your business! Contact our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000 for more information or to get a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!


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