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How Your Commercial Business Can Be More Energy Efficient

Did you know that 30% of energy that is consumed in a typical commercial facility is wasted? Of course, it’s inevitable that you need energy in order to run your business, but not having energy-saving solutions can have a large impact on the costs and can lead to the use of unnecessary additional resources. Taking the time to come up with energy-saving solutions can help you save a significant amount of money, and become an example as an environmentally and energy-conscious business.

Some common ways for businesses to cut energy consumption:

  • Turn off unused equipment or put machinery in energy-saving “sleep” mode - think of how many hours they are running all night and early morning while your business is empty!

  • Turn lights off during non-business hours and while rooms are unoccupied. Take advantage of natural light in spaces and clean windows regularly to greatly decrease the need for lights to be on all day.

  • Use more energy-efficient tools and equipment - Older equipment tends to use up more energy and is slower in performing tasks so updating them whenever possible can greatly decrease your energy consumption.

  • Keeping the thermostat in energy-efficient modes and not cranking the AC and heating to extreme temperatures - It’s not uncommon to experience the initial shock of entering a freezing building during the summer, which then requires you to bring an extra layer. Instead, keeping the thermostat at a more moderate temperature, even by a few degrees, can keep occupants comfortable and also save you money.

  • Hire a cleaning company to properly clean and maintain your facility. A cleaner facility is a more efficient and organized facility. Maintaining your HVAC systems is also important because heating and cooling can make up 25% of your energy consumption. A buildup of debris, dust and other chemicals can make machinery run slower, and use more energy to run compared to ones that are clean and well-maintained.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is a convenient and easy solution to keep cleaning-related energy costs down. Commercial cleaning companies typically use advanced and energy-efficient technologies to minimize cleaning time while maintaining quality and cleaning performance. At NECS, we understand the importance of saving time and energy for our clients, and therefore maintain appropriate certifications and undergo extensive training to deliver high-quality results. Whether it’s helping clean windows, high-ceiling and vent areas, or it’s routinely cleaning your office space, hospital, or manufacturing and production facility, we are fully equipped to handle all services with precision, care, and consistency. Contact our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000 today for a free quote or to schedule a cleaning today!


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