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How We Earn The Trust Of Our Commercial Cleaning Clients

When a commercial cleaning company is hired by a new client, it is not automatically given full confidence. As cleaning professionals, it is our responsibility to work diligently to earn the trust and confidence of our clients so that we can form long-lasting relationships.

How do we gain the confidence and trust of our clients?

With over 40 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, New England Cleaning Services, Inc. has built numerous successful relationships with our clients and understand what it takes to have happy, satisfied clients.

The following are important ways we work to establish long-term clients:

We listen to our client’s needs

Putting our client’s needs first and understanding what kind of services they need is an important first step when developing a relationship. Taking the time to get to know the client and their preferences will not only be useful when performing the cleanings but will also create an open and honest dialogue about expectations and specific needs they have. We always work with clients to tailor cleanings to the unique needs of each commercial facility, whether it’s a medical office, manufacturing and production facility, or office space.

We are highly trained and offer innovative cleaning technologies

Any commercial cleaning company can dust, mop, and vacuum a room, but what about the quality of cleaning? We strive to be leaders in the industry by regularly attending training and events to further advance our cleaning products, equipment, and techniques. We maintain stringent certifications from the Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE) to stay up to date on the latest advancements in cleaning technology so that we can deliver the highest quality and efficiency of cleaning.

We provide 24/7 customer support

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, so we are prepared to assist our clients around the clock. Whether it’s an on-site issue, water leak, or damage sustained from fire, we act swiftly and bring our advanced technologies to help resolve our client’s problems in a timely manner.

We offer green cleaning options

Taking care of our environment is important to us and many of our clients, so we offer green cleaning services like Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) cleaning that helps to reduce water waste and eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. Incorporating green technologies in our cleaning program keeps facilities safe, clean, and environmentally-friendly for all of our clients.

We offer project services in addition to commercial cleaning services

We understand that for businesses, every new company that they need to hire for a job is another potential risk. We offer our clients a wide range of additional project services like concrete refinishing and pressure washing so that they can improve and maintain their facilities as needed. No additional hiring, and same quality service!

We care about the confidence our clients provide their customers

Having a clean, safe, and hygienic facility is essential for giving customers a positive impression of our clients’ facilities, so we strive to deliver high-quality and consistent results. We take steps to measure our success and improve on areas we can work on, and take security very seriously. No matter how long we have been in the industry, we never stop striving to improve ourselves.

New England Cleaning Services, Inc. takes developing long-lasting relationships seriously. If you want to have high-quality cleans for your commercial business with a cleaning company that cares, contact our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000.


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