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Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company For Biohazard and Trauma Cleanup

No one anticipates a traumatic incident occurring at their own business or facility, but unfortunately, accidents do happen and when they do, it is important to be prepared. When an incident involves biohazardous material like blood or other potentially infectious substances, it is necessary and important to have a professional cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. assist in the cleanup.

Handling biohazard materials without proper training and knowledge can be extremely dangerous, considering that blood and other materials can carry bloodborne pathogens (MRSA, Legionnaire’s, Hepatitis B/C, etc.). Hiring a trusted cleaning company with experience in emergency trauma cleanup is the best way to protect your commercial facility, your employees, and yourself.

What is done during trauma cleanup?

Staff is trained to handle cleanups with diligence and care by assessing the scene and wearing protective personal equipment.

Professional cleaning companies are trained in:

  • The safe handling and disposal of biohazard material

  • How to protect the surrounding furniture, flooring, and structures with appropriate sheets/tapes

  • The use of necessary disinfectants and solvents to properly clean and remove all traces of biohazard material from the area

  • The use of advanced technologies and equipment to test for traces of biohazard material

  • Handling the emotional stresses of witnessing sites of traumatic incidents

Contact us

With the help of an experienced certified cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc., you can help your business and those who were affected move quickly and efficiently through the often difficult process of the trauma cleanup. Our professional and highly-trained staff will not only remediate the scene but will also ensure that your facility is safe. We provide businesses in the greater Boston area with high-quality, professional cleaning services with 24/7 support so you can reach us whenever you need. Contact our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000 today for a free quote!


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