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Construction Cleanup

The Boston area is constantly changing with new commercial businesses popping up everywhere. It’s no surprise that it takes a lot of planning and effort to move or open businesses in the hopes that customers and clients will enjoy the brand new space. One essential aspect of a successful opening is a clean and positive first impression.

Construction involves a lot of dust and debris that you don’t want hanging around for the grand opening. A quick vacuum and moving furniture back is not enough to address the mess that is left after construction, so here is how the cleaning professionals at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. can help!

Remove all construction equipment: Drop cloths, plastic sheets, tools, screws, nails, and sawdust are often left around the construction site, so a careful eye is important for a safe environment.

Walls and baseboards: The heavy equipment and movement during construction can often leave dents and marks on the walls and baseboards, so restoring them to a clean, presentable state is next in the process. Walls are often forgotten when it comes to cleaning, so it is a good opportunity to give them attention to ensure dust and other contaminants are removed from surfaces.

Floors: The floors take the brunt of the damage during construction because of extensive foot traffic and movement of equipment and furniture. Our cleaning professionals will restore any damage, then follow with a thorough cleaning and waxing, if necessary. Carpets are notorious for trapping small particles in their fibers, so a professional clean is essential for a brand new look and healthy indoor air quality. We utilize low moisture shampooing of carpets to prevent mold growth and faster results!

Windows: Moisture can easily allow dust and other fine particles from construction to stick onto window surfaces. Windows are often the first thing people see from the outside of a building, so having clean windows can lead to good impressions, and allow for natural light to enter the space.

HVAC system: Especially this time of year when it’s still cold outside and HVAC systems are typically in full gear, construction work can lead to a lot of dust and debris buildup in the vents and ducts. Since air is recirculated throughout your facility, having filters replaced and the HVAC system professionally cleaned is important for everyone’s safety and health.

Bathrooms: Clean bathrooms are one of the most important aspects of overall impression of a facility, so our professionals will ensure that they are properly cleaned, sanitized, and stocked before the big opening day.

Surfaces: Dust would have fallen on any open surface, so we will take time to wipe down counters, furniture, door knobs, kitchen areas, and other areas of concern.

Organizing the grand opening of a commercial facility is stressful as it is, so let the cleaning professionals at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. take some of the burden off by taking care of all of your cleaning needs. Through routine general cleanings, we can also continue to maintain your commercial facility so that your business can stay consistently clean and maintain a positive impression. We also provide 24/7 client support for unexpected emergencies and restoration services. Contact our Waltham, MA office today for reliable cleaning services across the eastern Massachusetts area (greater Boston area, Metrowest, North Shore, South Shore, Woburn, Bedford, Lexington) at (781)890-2000!


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