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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Many commercial buildings like offices, hospitals, and educational facilities have commercial kitchens to provide food for the large number of people who work and visit there. Regardless of whether you are enjoying food in a casual dining hall or an expensive 5-star restaurant, the standard of cleanliness and sanitation for the kitchen should be the same. Your commercial kitchen may be behind closed doors, but it is essential to keep all areas clean to prevent contamination and health hazards. New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is equipped to help you maintain and clean your commercial kitchen!

Advantages of professional commercial cleaning:

-Focus on areas that may not be addressed for daily cleanings such as spaces behind and underneath large appliances, trashcans, and walls. Cooking can cause splashes of oils and foods to stick stubbornly to surfaces.

-Highly trained staff and industry quality supplies and equipment are provided to get the process done effectively.

-Lower risk of equipment and appliances breaking down from buildup of food and grime.

-Low stress for preparation for necessary health inspections, etc.24/7 client support for emergency situations like water leaks and fire and smoke damage.

The last thing you want to do when managing a commercial facility is to forego professional help with cleaning your commercial kitchen. New England Cleaning Services, Inc. has 30 years of experience working with a wide range of commercial facilities and delivers high quality services for all cleaning needs, including general cleanings, project services, controlled environment cleanings and emergency and restorations. We help maintain and clean your executive office spaces, medical facilities, manufacturing and production facilities, and controlled environments with long lasting client relationships in mind.

We serve a wide area in the eastern Massachusetts area including Waltham, Lexington, North Shore, South Shore, as well as the entire New England area for our concrete refinishing services. Please contact us for a free quote by calling (781) 890-2000 today!


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