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Cleaning for health

Commercial cleaning is much more than the bottom line. Cleaning for health is understanding that people spend one third of their day at the workplace; employees are the product of the facility they work in. If the facility is clean, not only superficially, but truly clean, then attendance goes up due to less illness, employees take greater pride in their workplace and they feel comfortable, better able to produce.

I have spent the last fifteen years cleaning facilities, focusing on the biomedical industry. Out of this experience I have developed the most stringent guidelines for cleaning; NECS takes these practices into commercial office spaces, laboratories, clean rooms, manufacturing floors and other controlled environments, producing a truly clean facility.

Every facility is different and has different reoccurring problems. Allow NECS to provide an enduring solution to your cleaning problems and elevate the appearance and health of your facility.

Call today for an estimate on your cleaning project, Controlled Environments, Floor Refinishing, Green Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Office Cleaning and More.


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