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Protecting Your Commercial Facility From Salt Damage

With major winter storms that have already come and gone, the New England area is seeing an intense winter season full of snow this year. With the wintry mix of snow and slush comes the need for salt distribution on the streets to dissolve ice and clear pathways for traffic. Unfortunately, the salt from this process can track unwanted residue into commercial facilities and cause a host of problems. This winter make sure your business is protected.

Salt can seem beneficial when it comes to removing snow, but it can damage commercial buildings in many ways:

-Salt can cause corrosion in building materials and affect the structural components of a building, including concrete, plaster, limestone, brick, wood, and mortar that make up sidewalks, foundation, walls, and floors of a building.

-Salt brings about moisture and can lead to mold damage. If salt finds its way into crevices, corners, and hidden structural areas, moisture can follow, making it an ideal, moist environment for mold to thrive in.

-Salt leaves unwanted residue inside. As people enter and leave your building, the salt they carry on their shoes can be tracked all over the inside of your building. White salt marks are not only aesthetically unpleasant, but it can wreak havoc on your floors. Carpet fibers can break down, flooring can get scratched, warped, and lose its integrity, none of which you want in your facility.

Preventing salt damage to your commercial facility will be especially important this winter season.

Place entry mats to reduce tracking in of salt

-Set up footwear changing stations to allow workers to switch shoes before walking around inside.

-Be cognizant of where salt is distributed

-Clean up areas as soon as possible

-Set up routine cleanings to keep your facility salt-free

-It will take the knowledge of a seasoned professional cleaning company to know how to properly clean and remove salt residue from floors and other surfaces. New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is ready to assist your office space, medical facility, controlled environments, and manufacturing and production facilities stay clean and safe through this winter season. Whether you need help with snow removal, regular cleanings, or carpet cleaning, our cleaning professionals can assist you!

Contact our Waltham, MA office at (781)890-2000 for more information or a free quote today!


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