Trauma Clean Up Services

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NECS offers decontamination services for high risk situations such as suicide cleanup, attempted suicide cleanup, blood cleanup, body fluids cleanup, bio-hazardous waste disposal, after-death cleanup, undiscovered death cleanup, unattended death cleanup, homicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup, gross filth cleanup, sewage backup, REO trash outs and more. 

Our highly trained staff is available to help in a wide variety of

specialty cleaning situations, including sanitization of

contaminated buildings and cleanup of industrial accidents and

mass trauma.

Our field technicians are trained to handle the emotional traumas, and experienced in the use of proprietary processes and cleaning solutions to properly disinfect any blood or bodily fluids, which may carry diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, the H1N1 virus, Legionnaire’s or MRSA. We contain and disinfect all potential blood-borne pathogens and visible blood, reducing the risk of future damage or odors. After completely remediating the scene, we dispose of bio-hazardous materials according to local, state and federal laws.

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